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San Antonio Alternative Housing Corporation (SAAHC) is a nonprofit organization established in November 1993 to provide housing and support services for low and moderate income communities in Texas, with special emphasis in Bexar County and Travis County, Texas.

SAAHC is governed by a 5 member Board of Directors, with a minimum one-third representation of low-income individuals. SAAHC is  organized as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).

Neighborhoods Served

While SAAHC is chartered to serve in any area of Texas, the organization concentrates its services on neighborhoods located within Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas, with special emphasis on housing development in low-income neighborhoods. SAAHC also serves three areas of Austin. While most clients served have annual median incomes (AMI) at or below 80%, clients with incomes under 120% of AMI are eligible for participation in all programs. Special financing assistance is limited to incomes at or below 80% of area median income.

Current Programs

Home Ownership Counseling

A full-time housing counselor provides a pre and post home ownership counseling program for families. Families attend seven group training sessions, and as many individual sessions as needed in order to become qualified for a loan from a lending institution. Once the family obtains their home, they attend monthly meetings for three years to assist in making the transition to home ownership.

Home Ownership Program

SAAHC serves as a one stop home developer, providing or coordinating all aspects of new home construction, assisting families from lot acquisition through moving into their new home. Through funds from the City of San Antonio, SAAHC provides deferred and low interest loans to families with annual median incomes at or below 80%. Other sources of assistance are periodically available depending on the location of construction.

Scattered Site Rental Program

SAAHC provides affordable rental housing  through homes and four-plex units in various neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas. Twenty units are available at this time. Section 8 certificates or vouchers are accepted.

Multi-Family Rental Program

Rental housing is provided for families through fifteen multi-family developments, twelve in San Antonio and three in Austin. The majority of these developments are older properties that have been acquired by SAAHC, renovated and preserved as affordable rental units for low and moderate-income families.

Social Service Program

Community Learning Centers are located at the larger SAAHC multi-family apartment properties to serve the social and educational needs of residents. In addition to social services, after school computer training, and adult education, training in conflict resolution is provided for families with at risk youth.

Building Communities... Not Just Homes

San Antonio Alternative Housing Corporation • 1215 S. Trinity • San Antonio • Texas • 78207 • 210-224-2349 • 210-224-9686 fax

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